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Introducing the AKG 1-13 grades, at the Kiscelli building

We started our school in 2017 with the aim of responding to the challenges of the 21st century, which the traditional school system cannot address. We have created our own pedagogical concept and a school structure to match it. Our main concern is that every child should be able to progress at his or her own individual pace and acquire the competencies necessary for their future success, and also that the school should prepare them to adapt flexibly to change. We think in terms of communities and groups, but always with the development of the individual child in mind. We want to fundamentally redefine the concept of “school”. You can read more about our pedagogical principles and the day-to-day running of the school HERE.

The AKG building on Kiscelli utca is a school that includes both primary and secondary education. After the sixth year of primary education, children automatically move on to the gymnasium stage. We thus provide a thirteen-year integrated educational programme for children from families who seek it. All those who have not attended primary school at the AKG will continue to have the opportunity to enrol for the courses at the Raktár utca building for Years 7 and 9.

Our school is located at 78-82 Kiscelli utca, Óbuda. We now have the upper ground floor and two additional fully renovated floors.
Read more about the more than 100-year-old school building and its renovation in the second-part post on facebook. (Part 1, Part 2 )

We are delighted to see that there is so much interest in our programme. We want everyone to get accurate and detailed information about our school, which is why we are constantly updating our website and publishing more and more information on all available channels! Join our primary school Facebook page where we also regularly discuss issues of general interest that are in some way related to the planned pedagogical concepts and the life of the school: https://www.facebook.com/akgaltalanosiskola/

Your questions will be answered at altalanosiskola[at]akg.hu!