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Donation and volunteering – helping those in need during quarantine and summer at 2020

Support for families in need has ended
In record time, volunteers from our school started helping families who were in a difficult situation as a result of the epidemic, within a week of curfew restrictions being introduced. We delivered durable food to 35 families on a weekly basis for 22 weeks. The cars transporting the food covered nearly 3,000 km during this time, and our volunteer students cycled 5,350 km. More than HUF 3 million was raised from donations. Thank you for your generosity, and thank you to our students and colleagues for their hard work!

A week after the introduction of the curfew, a team of volunteers had been put together who steadfastly telephoned those in need, went shopping, packed, and then delivered food donations to the homes where they were needed by bike.
Originally, we had intended to support 20 families with several children who had lost their jobs due to the epidemic, but very quickly the number of families we supported almost doubled due to high demand. Unfortunately, the situation was not resolved by the end of the restrictions.

Domonkos Bárkovits on fundraising and volunteer work at AKG.

Fundraising, July 2020.

The summer break hasn’t discouraged our students or colleagues. Families in need will continue to receive help through the summer.

Thank you for your support, which this week delivered 450kg of food, 300kg of cleanser and 150 of face masks to those in need. Home delivery was assisted by 25 volunteers. The young children in need expressed their gratitude through drawings which they gave the volunteers.


The donations mean we will provide food for families in need for the fifth week. The number of families supported has almost doubled to 35. In addition to the food distribution on Thursday, we delivered cleaning materials, toiletries and drawing tools to the children on Friday. We would like to continue our initiative even after the curfew has been lifted. We thank our supporters for their donations and our volunteers for their hard work. Individually volunteers often deliver 3×8 = 24 kg of food to each house! Special thanks to the logistics and customer folk!
*** Pupils from our school deliver food packages to families in need on a weekly basis, the packages were purchased from donations. We do our best to protect our volunteers, packages are received and handed over without contact. The purchase of protective equipment for volunteers was supported by AKG educators.


Today, we have provided food for 20 families from donations. On this occasion, we delivered enough heatable food or ingredients for cooking to those in need. The number of volunteers we have is also expanding nicely.

Food was purchased through donations that our volunteer students will now deliver to families in need.