Project Summary

Students and teachers are the big focal points of this project, and the key point to get our goals  is the idea of Coexistence or Teambuilding. A peaceful coexistence  fosters a climate of good attitude for learning.

The primary target group for this project is the students at the participating schools. Students often lack motivation as far as learning for school subjects is concerned. They miss the reference to real life. This leads to frustration and therefor poor achievement and increased dropout of school. Our project wants the students to apply their theoretical school knowledge to practical work to investigate and find new innovative solutions to the callanges concerning the issues of this project .

Beside the students, the project will inspire teachers to new approaches in teaching, as well as including local organisations relevant to the project. We would also like that our project had profound effect on our community and society, implying the local and regional Institutions, trying to match the objectives of our project with the implementation of the Europe 2020 strategy for growth, jobs, social equity and inclusion.

There is a crisis of European values and coherence facing internal and external challenges.

The increase in number of immigrants across the borders and into Europe stresses the social and economic structures in the European countries. European laws instruct countries for differentiation in responsibility and actions concerning the immigrants, depending on their geographical location. The European community is challenged by these expectations of each country to take a prober responsibility.

In this project, the causes of the increased immigration into Europe will be investigated, as well as the effects in Europe, both on a local, national and European level.

This issue will be investigated by the following actions;

– Historical perspectives on immigration and emigration into and out of Europe.

– How does the European Union differentiate between the European countries, concerning guardian of the European borders?

– Investigating which approaches the northern European countries takes, concerning the distribution of the immigrants, compared to the other European countries.

– How does the increased number of refugees affect the local society?

– Teaching and the increased number of multilinguistic students in the classes.

By carring out this project as a transnational project,  we will improve the level of learning and usage of foreign languages, especially English, and we will deepen the knowledge  and respect for our different cultures placing more emphasis on what unites us rather than what separates us.

Communication between students and teachers from the participating schools will be done by using the new technologies which

in order to achieve our objectives we will include iniciatives such as:

Workshops on improving teambuilding, avoiding bullying and cyberbullying, fostering  ethical values and civic behaviour.

We will also use new Technologies  and the responsable use of ITCs.

All these activities should go in  a suitable atmosphere of  exchanging meetings and experiences  among different departments, different subjects and different methodologies.

As far as the results we expect to achieve are concerned, and given the close and long school collaboration on international projects, we would like to emphasize these::

The students understanding of what it means to be a european citizen , and which expectations are related to this title. We want the students to improve the students ability to pursue knowledge  and solutions to difficult issues.

Within the group of schools participating in this project, we will continue the effort to find sustainable solutions to the challenges that will not disappear after this project and finding new methods to tackling new challanges  uncovered by this project.

– Improving TEAMBUILDING in our schools, through peer support.

– Improving and increasing MOTIVATION among our students and teachers.

– Overcoming and reducing the digital gap between teachers and students.

– Improving our students results by improving the teaching and learning process strategies.

Keeping relationship between partners through participation in more European projects.